Wine for Normal People Radio: Ep 138 – The Finger Lakes Region of New York State

After a trip to this stunning region full of kind people and delicious wines, we can finally report on it! This podcast is like the 101 post I did on the region, so you can cross reference if you missed anything! FLX MapWineAlliance

To understand this region, you’ve got to get into a serious dork out mode because the story of how vinifera grapes can grow in this cold place goes all the way back to the glaciers! So briefly, in this podcast we cover:

1. The importance of the Lake Effect and how depth matters to grape growing

2. Weather and what that can do to a vine

FLXRiesling3. Grapes and how Riesling is a goddess in the Finger Lakes, and unlike Riesling anywhere else

4. Glaciers, soils, and other nerdy earth-science stuff that relates to grape growing here.

5. History of the region and preview of the soon-to-be-released podcast with Fred Frank, grandson of the pioneer of east coast vinifera winemaking, Dr. Konstantin Frank

6. How to get these wines

After you hear this you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on these wines or visit the region. A great story, and a fascinating region! Enjoy!

  • Ken

    During the interview, Mr. Frank mentioned that his wine has won awards. When I visit wineries near the DC metropolitan area, many wineries ostentatiously drape their wine bottles in medals.

    What is your opinion on the significance of winning wine awards, other than marketing? Are their any awards we should lookout for?

  • Troy

    Very informative podcast. I’m up in that region fairly often with work and I’ll make plans to go see these guys.

    Thanks, Elizabeth!