Wine for Normal People Podcast — Ep 174: Last minute gifts, holiday, and New Year’s Eve wines

An end of year podcast to help you figure out stuff like: What wine to gift if you’re on a budget, or not, what defines a “special” occasion, how to get the host to open the wine you bring, plus quick Christmas pairings & options for New Year’s bubbles! 

Show notes:

  • Wine is an ideal last-minute gift — don’t get gadgets unless the person specifies they want them! 
    • Ways to figure out what someone may want
    • Budget and non-budget options
  • How to figure out how to make sure the wine you bring to a gathering gets opened and some other etiquette suggestions
  • Saving for a “special” occasion – notes on when an occasion is “special” enough 


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! Thanks for your support in 2016!

Here’s to an even better 2017!


    Thanks for the great podcast Elizabeth! Really enjoyed this one.(I love all your podcasts!) Good tip on pouring the good bottle first, when everyone’s sober and our palates are not fatigued.. :) I like Cremant du Jura or Loire..good value, lovely bubbly for all occasions!