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I’ve been featured as an expert and written for a number of publications, please see the list below for highlights:


Anson on Thursday: Long Island Wines

It used to be pretty easy to dismiss Long Island wines,’ Elizabeth Schneider, sommelier, Long Island native and host of the podcast Wine for Normal People tells me a few weeks before my trip…

fox-news-logo Brangelina’s marriage is corked: Who gets Miraval winery?
cnnradio Beaujolais Nouveau
A discussion on Beaujolais Nouveau (and better alternatives! See minute 19:48)
wine-mag-logo  Beyond Cookies & Milk
“On his journey across the globe, Santa feasts on a variety of Christmas Eve treats…. Champagne is the perfect bubbly for the buttery shortbread cookies, says Elizabeth Schneider, owner of the wine education company Wine for Normal People.” 
images-3  Cheap Wine Sucks: A Manifesto
“So I called on Elizabeth Schneider, Certified Sommelier, wine educator and host of the podcast, Wine for Normal People. “There are so many things wrong with this argument I am not even sure where to begin,” Schneider said…”



Several selections in 101 Best Wineries in America

investo Save on Wine and Spirits During the Holidays and Are Wine Clubs Worth It?
MSN 7 under-the-radar wine regions that deserve a toast
“What I love about these regions is that they’re not at all commercial, and you really get to see and touch and feel how the wine is made,” says Elizabeth Schneider, certified sommelier and founder of Wine for Normal People, a wine education and consulting company…”


Authored various articles…

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imbibe  Now Hear This! 10 Great Podcasts for Imbibers
“Truly a wine podcast for the people!” 
intowine Riedel Wine Glasses: Stemware that is Changing the Way the World Tastes Wine
“Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine Elizabeth Schneider, who writes about her passion at Wine for Normal People, agrees that Riedel has had an impact on wine tasting, but not necessarily a positive one…” 


How to protect wine in luggage

 Feast 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Wine Cellar



What Decreased Italian Wine Production Means For The Global Wine Industry

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