BestNewArts2011WFNPVoted one of Imbibe Magazine’s “10 Great Podcasts for Imbibers” and  iTunes “Best New Arts Podcast 2011,” Wine For Normal People Radio is for people who want to learn about wine in a way that makes sense. We treat the subject with respect but also a sense of fun.

The show is typically around 30 to 40 minutes and is available for download on iTunes. It’s packed with wine information but peppered with tongue-and-cheek humor, cracks about the wine industry (I can’t help it — I worked for the “big hulking winery” and I have stories to tell), a good dose of pop culture, and, as fans have come to know and love, my geek out” moments, where I get kind of technical about wine.


Thankfully I‘ve got a ground wire in co-host is M.C. Ice, husband and wine-loving normal person, who brings me out of the dork out when needed. Keep scrolling to learn more about him and the other star of the podcast…

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Critical Praise:

“Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider calls her show “the podcast for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it” and that truly sums it up. Her easy-going tone and friendly, conversational show structure are inviting and addictive. Through her blog and Facebook page, Schneider fosters a sense of community among her listeners and often devotes episodes of the show to topics that members of that community request. Truly a wine podcast for the people!”
(IMBIBE Magazine, “10 Great Podcasts for Imbibers” Summer 2013)

About M.C. Ice

Although it would seem that I selected him for his geographic proximity, my husband and co-podcaster, M.C. Ice (which doesn’t mean he’s a deejay or a ringleader of a circus – it’s a shortened version of his name that he acquired in college based on his real last name) is a normal wine person who is smart, has great questions, but makes some epic mistakes in wine shopping that are awesome learning opportunities for him and for you as a listener. His experiences in trying to figure out how to describe wine and enjoy the good stuff make him an ideal partner for me. Together, we aim to provide a great balance of expertise and normalcy to listeners.



Cameo Appearances

We have guest appearances from time to time, but far and away the most popular is Ellie the dog, our Welsh Terrier (whom we got from Flawdogs, a great puppy mill rescue organization!). She loves being on the podcast and features prominently in some episodes, despite every effort to prevent it!