Public Speaking/Wine Workshops

There are few wine experts that treat you like you’re an intelligent person who wants to learn more. Wine events are often led by people who talk down to you, above you, or who dumb down the subject at the expense of your learning. 


With national speaking experience and years of experience presenting to groups that range in size from 10 person exective teams to large association meetings, I can help you organize the right type of event for your group that will keep the pace moving and the audience engaged. 

A Wine for Normal People wine experience is unlike any you’ll have. I’ll make you laugh, learn, and enjoy wine. Each presentation is customized to create an environment that is open and relaxed. No question or comment is off limits, so people can learn without judgement and walk away knowing more than they knew going in, a rare thing in wine.

I offer 60 – 90 minute presentations and tasting workshops covering topics that are interesting to you and your group. For corporations and associations, I use wine and the challenges in learning about it as metaphors for business themes and insights participants can learn about themselves and their approach to challenging problems (this can be done in as a 2 hour intensive small group executive workshop as well). 

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Wine 101: Tasting the Terms:  Teaching you what wine words really mean through sensory experience of themIMG_0515.
  • Food and Wine Pairing: An exercise in chemistry and biology, not memorization
  • Old and New World Styles: Taste the difference and learn what dirt (and other stuff that’s commonly described in European bottles) tastes like in wine
  • Crack the List: How to break down a wine list and work with a restaurant sommelier toget a bottle thateveryone will enjoy
  • Region Crash Courses: How to figure out complex regions like France, Germany, and Italy, so you know enough to hold your own in a conversation with a sommelier or wine enthusiast
  • Don’t Sniff the Cork: The basics of wine etiquette so you can hold your own at important events

Or anything else you have in mind! Contact me and we’ll work together to customize a topic and an event that will be fun, memorable, and exciting for your group.