Cellar Management

Creating a wine collection is a big investment of time and money. It’s important to stay on top of what you have and have a strategy for how you’ll drink through the wines you’ve collected.

Normal people are collectors too, so I provide management and consulting services for normal wine collectors who love wine but need a little help managing their bottles. 

Wine for Normal People cellar management is not just inventory, valuation, and mapping, but covers planning – for what you have now and what you should have in the future given your needs. The process involves:

  1.  Wine inventory
  2. Research and cataloging, with a cellar valuation, drinking window analysis, and a gap analysis of wines you may want to start collecting
  3. Cellar reorganization with a cellar map — Based on your lifestyle, not on a library system (unless that’s what you want!)
  4. If desired, a wine shopping trip to show you how to find new wines that you may enjoy 
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