Trade Policies: Wine Samples, Events, Media Trips

Wine For Normal People Wine Sample Policy

Wine For Normal People accepts wine samples for review. I review every wine sent but I do not guarantee that your wine will receive a positive review or that it will be reviewed in any set timeframe. You submit samples with the understanding that once sent, the wine will be reviewed in an honest, up-front fashion, and that no bias will be shown to your wine over others because it is complimentary.

Books and wine related products are also accepted for review, with the same caveat as above – products won’t be reviewed in any set timeframe and reviews are what they are: based on my opinion good or bad.


Press/Winemaker Dinners and Wine Media Region Trips


Similar to the wine sample policy, I am happy to take part in winemaker dinners, events, and wine media trips and I do guarantee a write up of the experience with the caveat that the review and details of the experience will be authentic – I make no guarantees that my opinions will be glowing and if the experience is poor, that will be reported on the blog or on the podcast as well.



Please CONTACT US to inquire about how to send wine samples and
event and media trip invitations