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Wine for Normal People Classes are like the podcast brought to you live and online, with wine, and a few other very cool normal wine people. Oh, and you can wear your pajamas if you want, since you’ll be at home.

A wine class was what got me into wine when I first started, so I’m a big believer in the value of structured learning and I’m a passionate teacher. A framework made an enormous difference in my enjoyment of wine.IMG_7663

I want to get you excited about and comfortable with wine too! So in each class I’ll provide a framework with plenty of chances for dorky, down-to-earth explanation, and non-stop interaction. Here are some details on the classes:

  1. These wine classes are different from anything else you’ll take because they’re fun! You’ll laugh, learn, and enjoy yourself!
  2. You’ll learn by experiencing the wine, having personal interaction with me (the class is limited to 14 people) and by having things explained in a casual,
    “normal” way.
  3. I’ll send you an email outlining the wine types, you select wines
    in your budget (I send label shots of what I’m drinking, all under or around $20/bottle). Most of the wines I recommend will last for up to a week with the right storage.
  4. The $40 fee is for 2 (TWO) people in one location (there are a limited number of ports for online classes). So split the cost with a wine loving friend if you want (going solo is fine too)!
  5. Every class comes with detailed handouts so you don’t have to take any notes, you can focus on listening and having fun.
  6. All classes are about 90 minutes long and are conducted via Google Hangout — you need a robust internet connection to participate!

Here’s what some people had to say about the classes:

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the class. Both [my wife] and I have learned so much! We have been to many wine classes locally here in the Bay Area but none of them are as fun and detailed as yours. We hope that you will have other future classes. We will definitely join!”


“I loved it!  I can’t wait to take more of you online courses. I have taken other wine course and your teaching style is anything but “normal”:) Your ability to communicate information in a fun, succinct, and entertaining way is what makes your courses unique.”


Introduction to Red Wines: Classic Red Grapes

May 13, 2017



With a range of colors, less perceptible sugar, and with tannins to grapple with, reds are often harder to analyze than whites. In this class we’ll discuss Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, exploring the differences between grapes, what makes a balanced version of each of these wines and which regions specialize in each. We’ll address:

  • How is red wine made and how does that differ from white?
  • How does terroir v winemaking affect flavors in a red?
  • What traits should you look for when you are evaluating each of the different grapes?

Bonus Topics: Food and wine pairing, what to look for if you want an ageable wine.

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Introduction to White Wines: Classic White Grapes

May 19, 2017


In this class we’ll explore basic white wines and the grapes that make them. We’ll taste Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and two styles of Chardonnay to experience the spectrum of basic whites. We’ll explore topics like:

  • How is white wine made?
  • How does terroir affect the flavor in whites v reds?
  • What are the primary things to look for when you taste whites? We’ll discuss acidity, fruit flavors, dry v off-dry, finish and which white wines age and why.

Bonus Topics: The use of sulfites and organic and biodynamic wines.

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Grenache v. Garnacha: French v. Spanish Versions of the Grape

May 21, 2017


This class features the tasty grape that’s setting the wine world on fire: Grenache, or Garnacha as it’s known in its native Spain. In this class, you’ll learn about the grape’s range of flavor when grown in different places and made by different people – it’s a showdown between the French style and the Spanish style, with no losers! There’s major contrast here. We’ll cover the wine at its origin point from Campo de Borja in Spain, follow it through Calatayud and then move to southern France, where we’ll explore its expression as Grenache, the dominant grape in Côte-du-Rhône.

*Note, if you bought my same pack from The Weekly Tasting, you can use those wines for the class! If you didn’t and want it, send a note on the Contact page or to and you can get it!

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Wines of Spain: A 10,000 Foot Overview

May 27, 2017


Spain is known for its robust reds — Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Priorat are famed around the world. But styles vary drastically and sometimes these wines aren’t as good as they should be. There are also many bargain Spanish wines on the shelves and that can be confusing. How do you figure out what to look for to get a high-quality Spanish wine at a good price? It’s not hard to do, but wouldn’t you like to be more directed in the grapes, regions and styles you’re buying? In this class we cover a high level view of Spain, which has been making wine since 1100 BC and explore 5 wines that will light your world on fire and show you the diversity of this amazing, value-laden country. The wines will be:

  • The whites Albariño and Verdejo
  • The reds Rioja, Jumilla, and Mencia

Using these wines to help you figure out flavors, textures and descriptions, this class will give you all the tools to shop the wines of Spain to get what you like.

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Wines of France: A 10,000 Foot Overview

June 2, 2017


Although the Romans spread viticulture throughout Europe, France’s abundance of grapevines and its flair for winemaking quickly allowed it to rise to the top of the wine world. Despite the unique nature of the wines and the generally high quality of many of them, the language barrier and the confusing labels may make you think twice before buying them. Not after this class! We’ll get you comfortable with and excited about French wine! Although we can only just scratch the surface, we’ll explore:

  • Riesling from Alsace
  • Muscadet from the Loire
  • Pinot Noir from Burgundy
  • A red blend from Rhône
  • Red Bordeaux

Then we’ll discuss what to look for when choosing wines from these areas. After this class you’ll have the tools to understand how to read labels, understand regions, and buy wines you like. This class will likely run for 90 minutes+ and sets the foundation for future “focus” classes on specific regions.

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Private Wine Class

Want to do a private tasting just for you and your friends? Let’s make it happen! We’ll choose the topic together, customize the event and have fun for 75 minutes with just you and yours. $300 minimum + $25 pp for more than 10 people in one location.

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Cancellation Policy:  Your cooperation and understanding of our cancellation policy is greatly appreciated. Registration must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the full rate of the class. In certain circumstances, you may be able to transfer the payment to an alternative future class. This is offered at the discretion of Wine For Normal People. In the event that a transfer is agreed between both parties it is understood that no further refunds or transfers will be permitted.

Gift Certificates: To redeem a gift certificate for any of the classes above, use your code or please send an email to elizabeth (at) winefornormalpeople (dot) com with the class name and I’ll register you.