WFNP Online Wine School

Wine for Normal People Classes are like the podcast brought to you live and online, with wine, and a few other very cool normal wine people. Oh, and you can wear your pajamas if you want, since you’ll be at home.

A wine class was what got me into wine when I first started, so I’m a big believer in the value of structured learning and I’m a passionate teacher. A framework made an enormous difference in my enjoyment of wine.IMG_7663

I want to get you excited about and comfortable with wine too! So in each class I’ll provide a framework with plenty of chances for dorky, down-to-earth explanation, and non-stop interaction. Here are some details on the classes:

  1. These wine classes are different from anything else you’ll take because they’re fun! You’ll laugh, learn, and enjoy yourself!
  2. You’ll learn by experiencing the wine, having personal interaction with me (the class is limited to 15 people) and by having things explained in a casual,
    “normal” way.
  3. I’ll send you an email outlining the wine types, you select wines
    in your budget (I send label shots of what I’m drinking, all under or around $20/bottle). Most of the wines I recommend will last for up to a week with the right storage.
  4. The $40 fee is for 2 (TWO) people in one location (there are a limited number of ports for online classes). So split the cost with a wine loving friend if you want (going solo is fine too)!
  5. Every class comes with detailed handouts so you don’t have to take any notes, you can focus on listening and having fun.
  6. All classes are about 90 minutes long and are conducted via Google Hangout — you need a robust internet connection to participate!


 Current Classes 

Sparkling Wine on a Budget

December 30, 2017


In time for New Year’s — my annual class on bubbly! For this class we’ll discuss 3 methods for making sparkling wine and the differences in flavor. The suggested wines will be less than $20 – we’ll explore Crémant, Prosecco, and Cava, discussing the differences between each and why it matters. We’ll explore:

  • How is Champagne made? How are other sparkling wines made?
  • What grapes go into each wine and why does it matter?
  • Why sparkling wine is an everyday treat that goes with food (and, specifically, what that food is!)
  • The proper method for opening and pouring sparkling wines
  • Why Champagne is a good candidate for aging?

As a bonus, I’ll also tell you how to make those three bottles last mid week (yes, you can keep the bubbles alive!).

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Gift Certificate


Need to get someone a gift in a hurry? Buy them a gift certificate! Forward them the code or, let us know if you want a printable gift certificate after purchase that you can give to your friend, colleague, or family member!

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Private Wine Class

Want to do a private tasting just for you and your friends? Let’s make it happen! We’ll choose the topic together, customize the event and have fun for 75 minutes with just you and yours. $300 minimum + $25 pp for more than 10 people in one location.

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Cancellation Policy:  Your cooperation and understanding of our cancellation policy is greatly appreciated. Registration must be cancelled 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the full rate of the class. In certain circumstances, you may be able to transfer the payment to an alternative future class. This is offered at the discretion of Wine For Normal People. In the event that a transfer is agreed between both parties it is understood that no further refunds or transfers will be permitted.

Gift Certificates: To redeem a gift certificate for any of the classes above, use your code or please send an email to elizabeth (at) winefornormalpeople (dot) com with the class name and I’ll register you.