What does Wine For Normal People do?
Wine For Normal People is a wine education and media company. We offer wine reviews and insights through the Wine for Normal People podcast, blog, and various forms of media. We also offer classes, events, and corporate activities taught by Elizabeth Schneider – Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine, wine industry veteran, MBA, and normal wine person. Our events are for entertainment and educational purposes, for corporations, alumni groups, associations, non-profits, and private clubs.

Questions about the Podcast and Blog
Do you accept listener feedback and ideas for the podcast and blog?
Of course! We are a fan driven operation. We’d love your suggestions. Please contact us here or on Facebook or Twitter to submit an idea!

Do you accept podcast sponsorship or blog advertising?
Yes, on a discretionary basis (meaning we take sponsorship only from brands we can stand behind and not from individual wineries). Please see the Sponsorship/Advertising page for more detail.

Questions regarding public speaking and workshops
Is Wine For Normal People available to speak at private or social events?
Wine For Normal People mainly speaks at corporate, association, and alumni events. If your event is a social club and you would like a featured wine speaker, by all means contact us.

Does Elizabeth Schneider do every event or are there other people that we may “get” if we use Wine for Normal People?
When you book with Wine For Normal People you’re booking an event with Elizabeth – she’ll work with you, meticulously planning every detail.

Do you need prior knowledge to participate in a wine event with Wine For Normal People?
No – events can be tailored to a range of experience levels.

How long does a speaking engagement or workshop last?
Depending on questions, format, and number of people, the event can be anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. Wine For Normal People can tailor the event to fit within your timeframe.

How much does it cost to have Elizabeth come speak at our event or conduct a workshop for us? 
We have a basic pricing model with no hidden costs. The price is quoted based on the type event you would like to produce. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you sell wine as part of your speaking engagements?
No. We don’t sell or bring wine to your event. Instead, we go wine shopping with you at the store of your choice (we are impartial and have no affiliations), picking out wines for the class and showing you how to most effectively choose wines and take calculated risks in doing so. This consultation is part of your event and some organizers find it to be the most fun for them – it’s a private 1 hour class with Elizabeth alone.

Questions from the Trade
Can I send wine samples for review?
Yes, please contact us for a mailing address and see this link for details on our sample policy.

Do you do wine list and wait staff consulting for restaurants?
Yes. We do a full analysis of your current list, including a gap analysis to help you figure out what you’re missing and how to increase your profit. Elizabeth worked for the largest winery in the world putting together their internationally acclaimed training program, she can help your staff learn wine and remember what they need to know to increase sales. Please click here for details.

More coming soon!!

I hope to work with you soon or hear from you about the podcast, blog, videos, or book!