Elizabeth Schneider

Elizabeth Schneider: The Stats

Credentials: Certified Sommelier, Certified Specialist of Wine, MBA, blogger, wine educator, and normal wine person.

I am:  5’7″ (but usually taller because I love heels!)


I live in: Atlanta, Georgia (for M.C. Ice’s job…), but I’m a New Yorker. I’m from NY and that attitude can’t be erased.

I live with:

  • M.C. Ice, podcast partner, husband, and fabulously cool guy.
  • My 2 small daughters. This is important to you because it means sometimes the podcast goes up slowly or I’m dead tired and can’t do one more blog or Facebook post in the day!
  • Ellie, our 5 year old Welsh terrier who often makes appearances on the podcast. She is a rascal but the best dog ever. I know some of you are huge fans.

My most important rule in life: Laugh or perish (if you have a young kid or have ever had one, you probably had some form of this too!)

Favorite band: Beastie Boys (R.I.P., MCA)

Favorite wine to say:
Chassagne-Montrachet (shah-SAHN-yuh mon-rah-SHAY, a village in Burgundy, France that makes awesome Chardonnay)

Favorite word: Petrichor (the smell on the pavement after it rains)

My Goal: To bring Wine For Normal People to wine lovers everywhere through the podcast, blog, books, video, TV, and anything else that makes wine fun, easy, and normal. There’s tons of info on food in the media, but wine stuff is so boring.

Here’s to changing it up!

After graduating from Wesleyan University (CT) and starting my career in Boston, I quickly realized that my heart was more in my hobby than in my high-tech job.

Trips to the wine shop often yielded awesomely poor (but hilarious) results, so my sister and I finally took a course at the Boston Center for Adult Education to learn how to taste and appreciate wine. And that kicked it all off.

After moving to St. John in the Caribbean to wait tables and just unwind for 8 months (yes, I quit my high-tech corporate job, packed two bags, and hopped on a plane), I got my MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where I met M.C. Ice, my podcast partner and husband) and since then my career has been solely about wine.

Some other dorky facts about me…

  • I’m a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers but have no desire to be a Master (listen to this podcast to find out why)
  • I’m a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators
  • I worked in California for the largest winery in the world, launching several successful brands and co-authoring a nationally-acclaimed training program for servers in restaurants worldwide
  • I’ve traveled extensively, tasting wines from around the world and receiving industry training on wine regions
  • I’m (slowly!) writing Wine For Normal People, the book, a look at wine fundamentals in a memorable and (of course) normal way

Despite my credentials and experience in the wine industry, people say I’m still a pretty normal person – I think about wine in a practical, often tongue-and-cheek way and I try to make sure the podcast, my writing, and my information-packed seminars and events are always informative, fun, and really interactive (you can’t learn unless you participate).